Export raw data from KrakenSDR to be used in a custom DoA application


I am a student currently writing a study on DoA algorithms. I would like to obtain data that can be processed via my own algorithms written in MATLAB as for demonstration.

I have just recently obtained KrakenSDR and I was successfully able to run the web application form Raspberry Pi 4. My initial idea was to export raw or partially processed data to my laptop via the server (ideally in real time). However, I now understand that I am unable to access raw values from IP_SERVER:8081.

May I ask for an advice, what would now be the best approach to obtain the data ready for DoA calculations? Should I proceed modifying the DOA DSP application so it does not perform any DSP and just forwards the raw data straight to the server? Or should I maybe rather try to modify the heimdall code?

The raw data at IP_SERVER:8081 is actually the raw decoded DOA data. It is not the raw IQ data, which it sounds like you are after.

If you are after the raw IQ data you’ll need to delve into the code a bit. Have a look at GitHub - krakenrf/gr-krakensdr and see if you can figure out how to adapt it for MATLAB instead.

The best approach IMO would be to have MATLAB get the raw coherent IQ data from heimdall, and then do whatever you want to it in MATLAB.

To do that you’d need to write some TCP socket code on the MATLAB side to get the data coming from heimdall.