Errors running GNU Radio Components

I am attempting to run GNU radio from my raspberry PI to take a look at the FFT GR example.

However, I cannot look at any QT GUI sink with an FFT greater than 1024, and often times the flow graph won’t even launch if more than one GUI sink is above 1024.

I frequently get errors such as
“Exception: failed to get IQ sample into the queue”

I suspect that the issue might have to do with the USB cable to the Kraken SDR, or the bus speed of the Pi, but I am not aware of anyway to confirm this.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Does anyone have any advice for dealing with this?

You won’t have a good time running GNU Radio on the Pi, it’s far too slow to keep up with the data, so there will be constant dropped samples as you’re seeing. You can run heimdall on the Pi, and connect to it other gigabit Ethernet on a faster PC, or just run everything on the faster PC.