Error location and error map

Hello, everyone.
I have a problem,in Android app, my location says I’m in China, but my krakensdr’s DOA data says I’m in the Atlantic Ocean, what’s the problem? How do I solve this problem?

Something like the picture below

Do you have GPS turned on in your Android settings?

Do you have GPS selected as your Heading Sensor in the app settings?

yes,i did both,but it still doesn’t work.

please help

Are you in China using a Chinese phone? Do you have Google Play services installed? That might be required to activate GPS in the app, I’m not 100% sure though.

On Chinese phones, Google is blocked by the Chinese government, so it can be difficult to install Google Play services which many apps require. There are probably workarounds though.

yes,i`m in China now.
i have pretty sure that i activate GPS in app.
so if i get a phone with google play services,maybe i can fix this problem?
it worth to try,thank!
and if you have vacation,china has open border,you can stay here for 144 hours.
welcome to china.

thank you.

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Hello, I am facing the same problem. Could you please add me on QQ for further discussion? My QQ number is 1505607174.