DOA v1.7.0 VFO-0 frequency doesn’t match Center Frequency

Starting with v1.7.0, Changing the Center Frequency to a new value within the current vfo-0 bandwidth doesn’t update the VFO-0 Frequency (config page and spectrum page). Example:

  1. at startup, the system shows the saved frequency (145.15, repeater output) for Center frequency and vfo-0 frequency, spectrum is centered at 145.15 and DOA processes as expected.
  2. Change & update the Center frequency staying within vfo-0 bandwidth (144.65, repeater input)
    The center frequency displays 144.65, the vfo-0 frequency remains at 145.15, the spectrum display centers at 145.65 but the red/green squelch window remains at 145.15 ( now off center) and DOA is calculated for the wrong (145.15) frequency.
  3. Stop & Start Processing or Save Config does not correct the mismatch. Changing to a frequency outside the vfo-0 bandwidth causes everything to change and match correctly.