DOA Estimation and Spectrum stop working on Update Receiver Parameters for no reason

Hello. I’ve experienced this issue before but was blaming non-original power sources, even though they were 3A and 5A which is enough. Currently, I am using two Raspberry Pi power supplies:

This is the video of what is happening. When the web interface is loaded, no parameters are changed, but it is enough to press Update Receiver Parameters button to stop DOA calculation. The device re-calibrates successfully, but the spectrum stops updating, and DOA shows just a “deg” word instead of an actual estimation:

Only reboot helps, but then everything repeats. Moreover, I have multiple devices, and the problem occurs randomly with both of them. What could be the cause? Thanks

I think this problem has been fixed in newer images. Are you still on an older one?

It could also just be the Numba caches getting corrupt. Try opening System Control and doing a Clear Cache and Restart.

Not, not the older one, v1.43. Clearing the cache solved the problem, thanks a lot. Could you please tell me what could have been the cause and how to prevent it? Or is this a totally random error?

Did you ever make changes to the Python code? That can sometimes cause multiple cache files to be created, and numba seems to get confused between picking the right one.

I haven’t seen this happen before, but another speculation is that hard powering off could corrupt the numba cache too.

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