Do you need the internet?

Do you have to have some internet connection to run everything correctly, or can you have internet and drive to an area with no internet?

If you’re just using the bearings from the browser GUI, no internet is required, just an offline wifi connection.

If you are using the Android app, you only need internet at the start of your outing to download the maps for the area that you will be operating in.

Zoom into the area that you will be searching and press on the download button (on the top bar next to the magnifying glass) to download offline maps for that region. Be aware that if the region is super dense you might need to zoom in a bit further as there is a tile limit imposed by MapBox.

Be aware that the turn by turn directions feature will not work without an internet connection though.

Also obviously the networked web mapper at will not work without an internet connection.

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Thanks so much for the reply I have been to many areas in the US with no cell service etc.