Direction finding not initializing when using mobile hotspot

I’m having a weird issue where I can’t seem to get the direction finding function to start or display in the KrakenSDR app.

My Samsung A7 Lite tablet and my Pi4 both connect to my phone’s hotspot, and I can view and make changes on the KrakenSDR Server Settings GUI. However, after I’ve adjusted my RF Receiver Settings and DoA Configuration settings, saved configuration, started processing, created a new log file, and hit the start DoA button in the main screen of the app… nothing happens.

When I have it setup to run without a mobile hotspot, it works just fine.

Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? I can provide more details if needed.

Here’s a screencap of the settings I’m using.

The array radius and spacing multiplier are not what they need to be for the frequency I selected but I think everything else should be correct.

Did you enter the IP address of the Kraken Pi4 server in the app?

When you run a mobile hotspot from your phone you’ll need to get the IP address of the Kraken Pi4 from your phone UI, as hostname resolution won’t work on a mobile network.

Yes, I looked through the client list for my phone’s hotspot and pulled the IP address from there.
I entered that IP as the server address in the app and I am able to access the server settings page at that address.

Can you show a screenshot of your Android settings screen?

I think I found my issue.

I was using the Raspberry Pi Imaging tool and when it prompted me to edit some of the OS settings, I entered KrakenAndroid/KrakenAndroid for the wireless SSID and password, not knowing it would automatically connect if I turned on my phone’s Kraken-configured hotspot before powering on the Pi and the Kraken.

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