Direction finding Bluetooth

Maybe I imagined it or misunderstood, but I really thought I had seen a video before of using a kerberosSDR or krakenSDR to DF Wi-Fi APs…but I can’t seem to find that video now :frowning:

In any case, my question is, would the krakenSDR be a tool that’s capable of performing DF on bluetooth devices? And if so, would it only be capable of doing one BT device at a time, or would it be able to calculate data for all BT devices it sees at all times?

I’m guessing the answer fundamentally comes down to whether the software knows how to recognize individual BT transmissions, since they’re channel-hopping (whereas it seems like a lot of the target use cases for krakenSDR are focused on single-channel transmitters?)

Thank you in advance.

So I’m not a big Bluetooth guy, most of what I know is from open research so anyone who does know a thing please correct me, but:

BLUF: The KrakenSDR cannot DF Bluetooth.

Bluetooth operates in the ISM band around 2400 MHz, which is outside the KrakenSDR’s 1766 MHz range. Even if you could persecute frequencies of that range, Bluetooth is a Frequency Agile signal that jumps between different frequencies.

This allows a plethora of devices to remain connected to each other via Bluetooth without interfering with each other, which means that if you targeted one specific frequency then you’d only get a LOB when the device transmits on that frequency.

IF you found a way to channel track and had a way to receive past 1766 it’s possible but that’s well outside my level of knowledge.

Hmm I think you must have been looking at a difference device. Because in the first place the Kraken cannot even reach the frequencies of Bluetooth since the max frequency is 1.766 GHz. Secondly, KrakenSDR cannot recognize Bluetooth or any type of digital signal.

The direction finding principle works solely on the raw signal data, it does not do any digital demodulation or decoding to differentiate between signals.

Thank you for clarifying my misunderstanding about the frequency range supported by KrakenSDR. If I did see a video showing WiFi DF, I guess it must have been a different product. Cheers.