Difference between DOA value from Web GUI and Android App


I’m using kraken with a custom application and to get data results i use a HTTP Get to read the DOA_value.html file. (
In that file, the DOA value is the same as the Web GUI

DOA value

I try the same setup but in stand of using my custom app, I use the Android app.
I also connect the Web GUI to my rapsberry and i read the same DOA value as my custom app (195°)…
But on the android app it’s not the same value like if their is a (360 - DOA value) applied. (165°). And I extracted the result file from the android application and the DOA value in the file is 165°.
App values

The good value is 165° (from Android app) so can you tell me if a make something wrong and why i don’t have the same result betwenn Web GUI and Android App?

I hope i’m clear (Sorry I’m french) :slight_smile:

Thanks for catching this, I believe this is a bug and I just pushed a fix to the GitHub. The Max DOA value on local data recording should have been 360-doa_value as you correctly determined.

This does not affect the heatmap generation as that relies on the full doa output which is correct. The max DOA value is not used for anything in the map, other than the blue max doa log lines plot.

Thank you for the quick response.

If I understand correctly, the Android app doesn’t use the DOA_value.html file saved locally on the rapsberry. How does it get the results?

Congratulations on your work, it works really well.


The Android app does use the DOA_value.html page. It polls that page and reads data from it over WiFi.