Data transfer from another device

Good day. I need to transfer antenna array coordinates and azimuth data from another device. via can or via uart. I’m trying to understand how to do it better and easier. is there an option to enter this data through the console?

We don’t have an interface for changing those setting externally at the moment.

You could try creating a program to edit the array coords and azimuth in settings.json in krakensdr_doa/krakensdr_doa/share folder, and it should automatically update those settings when the file it saved.

Are you creating an automatically adjusting array?

Thanks for the answer. I am trying to work with the device installed on board the plane, in conditions of no gps signal. Positioning occurs becourse of the inertial system of the aircraft, which has a CAN interface. I am not sure that at a speed of movement of about 25 m/s, with the method that you suggested, the data will be correct

The antenna array coordinates just need to be the same relative to the aircraft.

But now I think you actually mean the coordinates of the whole antenna itself, as in the GPS location of the aircraft. Not the relative coordinates of each element?

Usually DFing will be fine even if your location information is a bit out.

Exactly. The coordinate of the entire array and its orientation relative to movement (dynamic array offset). The question is how to transfer this data to the pi4 from the flight controller and not from the phone or a separate gnss module? Because in the conditions where it will be used, there is no gps signal. Positioning is possible only from the flight controller (mavlink)

To do this would require a way to connect the CAN interface to the Pi 4, for example a CAN bus shield. You’d then need to edit the Kraken code to interface with whatever CAN Bus shield hardware you have.