Connecting KrakenSDR using a network cable and not WIFI

Need help connecting the device via a network cable and not via WIFI.
My attempts ended in failure, everything works for about 30 seconds and then the systems begin to restart, etc.
Help is needed!!!

What computing device are you using?

Do you mean that the entire computing device just restarts on it’s own? Or something happens to the software?

Using ethernet instead of WiFI shouldn’t affect anything with the software itself.

I haven’t finished going through it, but someone made this document that I have found helpful and I believe they cover ethernet connectivity in it, hope it helps!

I use Orange PI5B, sometimes Raspberry pi4. The problems are the same!
I need to connect any device to the network and log into the WEB!

Can you please clarify, do you mean the entire Pi 4 and OPI 5 starts restarting? Or the software?

Can you please describe your setup in more detail, and what you are trying to do?

I connect to the Orange Pi5B and set the IP address in the settings for a wired connection. Next, I connect to the laptop via cable to the Orange Pi5B and go to the web interface. Everything works for a short time, then it says connection status: disconnect or the page in the web browser is constantly trying to update

So you’re creating a direct connection between the OPI5 and the Laptop, without any router or network in between?

That should work. Unfortunately I have no idea why it would disconnect after a short time. Perhaps some sort of power saving feature on your Ethernet card? Can you still ping the OPI5 from your laptop after it says disconnected?