Coherent downconverter

I’ve just purchased my KrakenSDR and am waiting for it to arrive. I am interested in exploring two quite disparate areas, one in cybersecurity and the other in radio astronomy. The obvious appeal of the Kraken for the latter is interferometry, but the maximum supported frequency is a little limiting, thus some dish antannae and a downconverter are the next purchases I need to make.

Are there any further details available on the coherent downconverter mentioned on the KrakenRF Welcome page and the Crowd Supply page?

The welcome page mentions an estimate of this year (2023) but I know how supply chain issues have impacted a lot of projects. Is there are better estimate of when it will be available, and any rough idea of the pricing?

The expanded frequency range Kraken is still in the works. Progress has been a lot slower than expected for various reasons.

Pricing we still aren’t sure, but it will definitely be a more expensive device.

Oh! So the plan is to have a higher-spec’d model rather than a down converter?

Yeah one with a proper tunable mixer will help avoid all the imaging problems you can get with a downconverter.

Can I suggest that the Welcome page is updated to reflect that - I would have waited off on my purchase had I known.

Where is the welcome page that you are seeing?

Ah I see that it was on an old blog post. I’ll update that. I guess better not to write about potential future updates because you never know if or when something will come out.

Following this. I need something that will do 700MHz to 2.8GHz. If the new version will do that, I’d be jumping on it.