Cloud Mapper only maps 1 of 2 active stations (DOA v1.6.1)

I have two KSDR operating on v1.6.1 and both functioning correctly in the android app. Both are configured for Remote Pro with their respective API keys. Cloudmapper shows both online and “Devices Selected”=2. I am only able to get the first station to appear on the map (see photo). Suggestions? Thank you!

For the station that is missing, could you please show its settings? What is the decay set to?

Cloudmapper Decay for both is 60sec (default?)
Config screens: (N8RDF6 is the one not showing in cloudmapper)

Could you please send me your username and serial number by PM?

I think I sent it (my first dm), let me know if not received.

Received. Thanks. Could you please group the two devices?

Please click the pencil-icon next to NOT GROUPED. You can name your group and then add devices to the group.

I tried that previously but will again now.

That works initially , but now neither station shows after a Stop/Start or at Mapper Login until I select Group Edit (pencil) deselect and reselect both then Save. (Minor detail, but if the stations are close together, the id labels overlay so it’s back to not being able to tell which is which.)
It also seems only one station shows a heatmap

How much distance separates the two stations?

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Right now the two gps are 6’ apart :smiley: on my bench but even larger distances will cause labels to overlap if the map is zoomed out far enough . I was hoping you could color code the different stations but realize this presents other issues if you ever support more than half a dozen stations or so. Maybe put the label at the end of the direction vector instead of the origin?
On the other hand, maybe in real-world df’ing it won’t be an issue…

Could you please show a screenshot zoomed all the way in after you start the data feed for the group?

I’m out of town so only have my tablet until Monday. I hope this helps.

Is N8RDF6 on and connected to the internet?

Both were working when I left town but it seems n8rdf6 went offline since. I won’t be able to restart it until late Monday.

Upon returning home, I found N8RDF6 still operating and still providing live readings to my pc browser., but cloudmapper showing it offline. My Firefox tab for Cloudmapper was completely frozen, couldn’t be refreshed and had to be closed and reopened. During the recovery process The two station tabs were still functioning and showing live readings. N8RDF6 is on the same internet connection as N8RDF5, which never went down. Refreshing or restarting Cloudmapper did not bring N8RDF6 back online. Neither did changing N8RDF6 System Config from Pro Remote to Pro Local and back.

A System Restart brought N8RDF6 back online so both are now showing live data in Cloudmapper.

I think there is a memory leak issue with the cloud mapper, so at the moment it can’t be left open for more than a few hours without needing a refresh. I’ve asked the developer to take a look into this, but it might be an underlying library issue.