Changing the settings file


I’ve been connecting to the kraken from my laptop using the pi’s hotspot, I assume that when I change a value in the web UI’s setting eg frequency, that the equivalent value is then updated in the settings file. How am I able to change the setting without using the UI and directly altering the frequency in the PI’s setting without the UI.

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You can directly edit the settings.json file and it will automatically update in the GUI as well.

But make sure you always enter valid values in settings.json, as it doesn’t check for invalid entries like the GUI can.

But how do you edit the settings, do you patch into the pi and change it there or is the settings json exposed another way?

Yes log in through SSH.

If you want to do it over your own remote API implementation, look at the nodeJS folder as see how the code for how it’s done for and adapt for your remote application.

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For anyone who comes across this problem later, I eventually found what I was looking for, not in the kraken docs but the code repository readme:

Remote control

The settings.json file that contains most of the DoA DSP settings is served via HTTP
and can be accessed via http://KRAKEN_IP:8081/settings.json.

Not only the client can download it on the remote machine, but also upload settings.json to the host that runs DSP software via, e.g.,

curl -F "[email protected]" http://KRAKEN_IP:8081/upload\?path\=/

The DSP software would then notice the settings changes and apply them automatically.

It’s a bit of an oversight that it isn’t included in the docs, it should really go in the appendix under Data Output For Third Party Software or Changing Settings Programmatically