Cant install Android app on Samsung Tab S7+


i just tried installing KrakenSDR RDF app from play store on my S7+ Tablet.
I cant install it. Google play store is showing a message that the app is not available for my device because it ist made for older android versions.

Is there any way to get around it?

App version in play store is 1.27,

Tablet is SM-T976B with Android 13 and One UI version 5.1.1

Any help is welcome.

Can you please show a screenshot or the exact error message?

If you’re on Android 13 it should definitely be available.

The error message is in german.
It says that the app isnt available for my device because it was developed for an older android version.

Okay, it might be because Google recently forced an API upgrade on all apps. We’re just about to release the latest version of the app in the next few days. Could you please wait a couple of days? Then it should be released.

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Sure, thanks for your reply.

New app version should be up now, can you download it?