Can't change receiver gain setting

It seems that I’m not able to change the receiver gain, or, if i change it, when I come back to view the screen its always showing 15.7.

I select my desired gain from the dropdown, tap ‘Update Receiver Parameters’ and wait several seconds… I then go back to the Android app, but as soon as I go back into the Kraken Web Interface again, the gain is showing as 15.7.

I’ve also tried using the ‘Save Configuration’ button (not sure what thats for, not seeing any reference to it in the Wiki), but the same thing happens.

Should I be able to change the receiver gain, and should the change be reflected when I go back to view the settings page?

Hm that is a bit strange. Are you on the latest Pi4 image?

If you are try resetting the cache via the new “Open System Control” → “Clear Cache and Restart” button?

Clear Cache & Restart did the trick, thank you!

@krakenrf_carl - I guess i spoke too soon.
Clearing the cache and restarting did allow me to change and save the receiver gain setting, but when I tried to change it later, its now sticking at the new value i set… Clearing cache and restarting is not fixing it now so the gain is now stuck at what I changed it to earlier… I can change it and when I hit the Update Receiver Parameters button the new value is still there, but when I leave the settings screen and go right back, the value reverts to the previous setting.

I am running the latest Pi image (from a few weeks ago) - what are the next troubleshooting steps?

I just re-downloaded and created a new Pi4 image. I was able to change from the default Receiver Gain setting one time, and it saved it, now (again) it’s reverting to what it was previously when I view the settings page. It also took multiple tries and “restart/clear cache” to get the VFO frequency to “stick” …

Would it matter if i use trailing 00’s after setting the center frequency and VFO frequency? For example, 467.700 vs 467.7 ? I did not include the 00’s the last time and everything saved - and i’m afraid to touch it again…

i’m also seeing that the VFO frequency sometimes changes to the center frequency when trying to change the gain.

Adding trailing zeros will make zero difference.

Do you happen to perhaps have the web interface open on more than one device?

Or can you try changing the gain by opening the web interface in Chrome browser instead of via the KrakenSDR App chromium interface?

Can you give me some more information about your entire setup? E.g power supply, cable lengths, Pi4 model, SDcard type etc? I’ve not been able to replicate this issue so far.

Have not had the web interface on any other devices until you suggested it.

When i open the interface in chrome, it seems like the gain/center freq. might save/stick more often, but not always.

This is my setup:

  • New Moto G Power (2021) ; have re-installed the app multiple times
  • New Pi 400 with the latest image from a few weeks ago - have re-imaged twice, on two different SD cards.
  • The Pi was overclocked to 2000Mhz… put it back to the stock 1800, made no difference
  • SD Cards are 64GB Sandisk Extreme
  • Power: (usually) Using a Jackery 1000 portable power station - with the Pi plugged in both directly to one of the USB power ports and plugged into the 120V outlet using the stock Pi power supply… Have also had the Pi plugged into my house power
  • Kraken has been connected to all of the different USB ports on the Jackery 1000
  • All cables are new USB C to USB C or USB A to USB C ; 3 and 4 feet long

Basically, no matter what, Gain/center freq. only saves about 1 out of 5-6 tries.

Can you confirm if there is any specific order I have to go in to change/update the gain/center frequency? I’ve been clicking “stop processing”, then enter the new gain/frequency center (center does not save either), click “update receiver parameters” … wait for it to change back to green, then click Start Processing… Is this correct?

Let me know what other troubleshooting steps you need… I can send video of whats happening if needed.

Ah this is probably the issue. You should not click Stop Processing. The software needs to be actively running to change the frequency.

So with the software running, just enter the frequency and click update receiver parameters.

Ok… But… I cant click into/or change the gain or the center frequency unless I stop-processing … Or am i missing another step?

You mean you cannot even press on them to bring up the keyboard dialog?

Even in a proper web browser like on Chrome?

Make sure you zoom in on them a little first, then it will be easier to press on those boxes.

Whether it’s processing or not, it shouldn’t affect the way those text boxes work.

I see. Looks like some recent Google update to the Chromium in-app web browser has broken that when browsing from within the app. It used to work normally within the in-app browser.

But it works fine from within a regular Chrome browser. Very strange.