Canal 4 du Kraken hors-service

I’ve been using the Kraken since August and everything went great until I updated the Pi 4 to 1.4.
Since I lost Channel number 4
Channel number 4 connects once in 10.
I checked with SDR CHARP Which shows me channel 0 1 2 3
I am missing channel 4 which prevents it from working
I have no problem powering the PI 4 or the Kraken.
I would like to revert to version V1.322 But it is no longer found on vl the wiki. All old versions are gone.
I configured the Kraken to work with 4 antennas and it works flawlessly.
Why the Kraken lost channel 4?
A small idea?
Thank you for your Thoughts

I’m unable to replicate so far, V1.4 is working fine on my test benches.

As you checked in SDR# and discovered the problem in Windows, it seems that the issue is completely unrelated to the Pi image.

If the power supply is fine, can you try with a shorter or higher quality USB data cable? Sometimes some PCs will have issues seeing all units if the USB data cable has problems.

Unfortunately we had to delete the older images due to legal reasons that will be disclosed in time.

I changed the data cable 3 times and nothing helped. After 2 days of rest from the Kraken
I plugged the Kraken into SDR sharp and there I saw the 5 Channels displayed. I unplugged then plugged back in and there were more than 4.
I restarted a dozen times and it no longer displayed the 5 channels.
Thank you for answering me quickly

I do the Google translation and the translation is not quite accurate
I wanted to say thank you for the quick response you gave me.

Sorry I still didn’t fully understand.

So after you unplugged and plugged it back in on your Windows PC there were more than 4 (aka 5) receivers shown in SDR#? Or was that meant to read only 4 receivers?

And then you tried restarting your PC, but it still showed only 4 channels?

On the Pi image, are you sure that you are running the kraken_default config file, and not the kerberos_default one?