Brand New Device help

So I just received my Krakensdr (w/ antennas) a few days ago. I set my cell phone hotspot as described - powered up the Pi4 with latest SW drop (pi4_220323) and it isn’t finding my hotspot. I can see my other devices using that same hotspot but not the kraken. I know the RPi is working as I am also using a monitor to watch the boot of the Pi4 but still not seeing it the IP address on my Android.


Double check, what is the mobile phone hotspot SSID and password set to?

Thanks Carl,

I went back and reread the paper instructions then the website version. The paper version was not updated like the web version had been. I changed the cell SSID/PW to KrakenAndroid and now it’s all good. More questions to follow I’m sure…

Ah right, yes please use the Wiki instead of the paper manual, which is outdated almost instantly after printing. We just have to provide a printed manual because of EU regulatory laws.


On a side note - I built a templet for antenna placement based on the spreadsheet I found (somewhere) and was wondering about the antenna height. I understand safety vs. proper tuning; but what is optimal for say 2m or 70cm?


It’s best to use a VNA like the nanoVNA with the antennas on your car roof to confirm the effect of your cars ground plane, but for 2M you can try extending the first 5 sections. For 70cm one section extended should work well.