Automatic Antenna Spacing

Has anyone experimented with an automated or concurrently adjustable antenna placement design? I’m trying to help a company that wants to use Kracken for locating rogue transmitters. They have a 900mhz system and a UHF System. I’m trying to make it easy for them to adjust spacing per frequency. They are a radio company but nor very radio savvy. Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks In Advance

there was design for linear setup with kerberos - A 3D Printed Automatically Adjusting Linear Antenna Array for KerberosSDR Radio Direction Finding - might be good starting point

Thanks! It seems like it being linear it would not config correctly with the Kracken.

This is a solvable problem—we even have some rough plans for a product. But it’s not a simple product, which means it will be expensive. We aren’t certain about the demand for a $2000 adjustable array.

Agree on that. I was thinking something along the lines of this. but only 2d.

I was thinking about same thing, and i found this , maybe 5 piesces can solve it.