Antenna angle or pick-up bed rack

I’m researching before buying. The goal is 2M (146MHz ±) from my pick-up. At that freq. the antenna array radius is near the max. of my Honda Ridgeline. My concern is the arc of the roof and the antennas not being in the same plane. I doubt there is a “black and white” answer but is there a rule of thumb number for angular displacement of the antennas?

As an alternative, I can build a rack and secure it in the bed and having a ground plane above the roof of the cab. In this case, I would expect to create a few threaded hole patterns. Can the antennas be
easily bolted down with the magnets removed? Has anyone done this before to offer advice?


I had a plan to use a Kraken for 2M foxhunting and got as far as laying out a ULA on a length of aluminum angle. In use, the angle would be secured to roof rails mounted on the cab of my 4-door Mitsubishi pickup. The length of the ULA was to great to permit mounting at right angle to the axis of the truck - I live in England where the foxhunting areas feature a lot of narrow roads. So I planned fore-and-aft mounting. Then I had one of those “duh” moments. Fore and-aft mounting would put the minimum reception direction of the array right on the axis of of travel. So I decided on a compromise of diagonal mounting. There was room on the roof to permit mounting at a 45degree angle - not ideal but better than nothing. Using the roof rails and the AL bar at least kept the whips in the same plane. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide any emperical result. Problems with health and a mishap with the truck brought this project to a halt. Still hope to pursue a more modest use of Kraken on 70cm with a UCA on the roof a car. No foxhunting on 70cm in this area so it will just have to a more limited test.


You can use any antennas. Get 5 of your choice with mounts of your desire. Just need to watch the coax lengths.

But as well as I remember, the Kraken magnets just unscrew. You may want to look at the fixed location as well