Angle/bearing when mobile and stationary


I have a question about the antenna heading parameter for the “Station Information” section. I assume it’s an angle between the antenna0 and 0° bearing to the north when in static mode?

How does Kraken account for it when a GPS is connected, should there be a predetermined position between the GPS sensor and the antenna array?

Sorry if the Qs are stupid since I’m in my infant steps here.

Yes the angle is the true map heading based on wherever antenna 0 is pointing.

If you connect a GPS to the Pi4 you can set a fixed heading for stationary setups, or for moving setups, the heading will be calculated automatically via the direction of movement, and it will assume the direction of movement is where antenna0 is pointing.

I’d like to use doa mobile and stationary without having to change the configuration every time I stop. If the system doesn’t/can’t use the last GPS heading when stopping, would a compass unit help? I’ve seen GPS puck units that also have a Compass feature, would/could these fix the issue? Are there any known supported devices that will do this for the Rpi 4? Hopefully the mag mount antennas don’t create problems for the Compass. (My android tablet GPS doesn’t handle stopping well and I’d like heading info when not using the tablet, as with Krakenfr map site.)

I haven’t found a reasonably priced GPS unit with built in compass before. Problem is that compass units require careful calibration and are affected heavily by surrounding metal, so its hard to be sure that they are working accuratly in a user setup.

Also I’m unsure if the GPSD library actually supports any GPS units with built in compasses.

I ordered the Yocto-3D-V2 - USB acceleration, tilt and orientation sensor to run a field test. The developer claims that it can perform auto-calibration to compensate for hard-iron interference caused by nearby sources of magnetic fields that move along with the sensor. We shall see :smiley:

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Here’s and inexpensive GPS+Compass module, but I have no idea if there’s software support for it (and I’m not a coder :cry:)

That’s not a simple USB connection though, so I don’t think there will be any gpsd support for it. You’ll need to connect that to the UART and I2C pins on the Pi4, and access it that way.

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