Android app offline maps

When my android device is with no internet connection app doesn’t display region map( i downloaded them)

After connecting to internet everything is seen as it should be, and work after disconnecting the internet. What could be the problem?

Are you zoomed in too far? If you zoom out does it show the maps?

In the latest version we increased the zoom level, but I think it still cannot download the closest zoom level due to space requirements.

I tried to zoom in different scales, same results. Is there any way of creating folder with my preferred maps in Raspberry pi and in Kraken app settings set the location of map files?

The maps aren’t stored on the Raspberry Pi, they will be stored in your Android device. It would not be possible to pull maps from the Raspberry Pi.

Can you try removing all the maps through the three dots → Delete Offline Maps. And then try download maps offline again?

What Android device are you using?

Deleted offline maps, downloaded them again, now i have basic map offline map with main road, city names etc. I am using AOSP (Android 14) on Raspberry Pi 5

So your offline map is working now?

I suspect that the initial download may have failed, or gone over the mapbox tile limit and not shown you the error.

Maps are working, thanks!