Android app heat map question

Is there any way to adjust the heat map settings when in the app to prevent the cut off like in the picture? (The cloud mapper seems to have a much cleaner heat map).

Side note-

Getting ready for a fox hunt on Saturday. So far testing this week, I’m 4 for 4 on driving directly to the TX site. Absolutely flawless.

The hard line cutoff on the bottom, or the cutoff of the blue low confidence areas?

In the Android app you can just increase the size of the grid in the settings, but then each cell is bigger. The cell size can then be increased too using “Number of grids per axis”, but that also increases computing complexity, so it could be slow on less powerful devices.

For the blue tiles not rendering there’s no option for that. We’re working on a new update that should be ready in a few weeks though and that will show the full grid due to some optimizations we’ve made.