Android App and Cloud Mapper Mutually Exclusive?

I’m trying to understand how the Android App and Cloud Mapper software interact with each other. For example, say I have two Krakens connected to the the Cloud Mapper. Based on the documentation, you would have set the DoA Data format to “Kraken Pro Remote” via the webGUI. Do this mean the the Kraken App no longer receives bearing data from the KrakenSDR software but instead from the Cloud Mapper? OR does the Android App always receive bearing data from the KrakenSDR software regardless and the Cloud Mapper bearing has no influence on the Android App?

It’s worth noting that the both Kraken devices are using USB GPS in this scenario and the Android App has been set to use GPS data from the Kraken as its location source.

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In updates from a few months ago we changed it so that the Android app output is always active, even if the Kraken Pro Remote output is chosen.

So (assuming you are on a newer image/code) if you want to use the Android App AND upload to Kraken Pro, you can just select the Kraken Pro Remote option.

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What USB GPS receiver are you using? Should I buy GPS NEO-6M shield for RPI?

Any should work as long as it outputs NMEA messages (Most do). GPSD uses standard NMEA messages to pull LLH data from. I am using this. I wanted INS for my application.