3D printable antenna array guide

I’m almost done with my version of a 3D printable antenna guide. It consists of a pentagonal center, an end piece with curved ends to match the antenna base, and several spacers of 100, 200, and 300mm lengths. Everything can be printed on smaller machines like the Ender 3 Pro.

The minimum radius is 14cm, and max just depends on the spacers you print and use.
My intent is to put adhesive magnetic backing on the pieces so they will stay put, but not that you leave this on the roof at high speed. The pieces interlock, a bit like puzzle pieces so that they align easily, and they have alignment ridges for visual confirmation.

I will be publishing both finished STL files and OpenSCAD source so you can tweak things. Most notably the diameter of the end that fits the antenna base. Yours is likely different than mine. I could have done a “V” end, but then the radius would depend on the antenna base diameter.

Mail me at kc6ete at gmail if you would like to get pre-publication files, otherwise they should be published on yeggi by some time this weekend.

Nice! Please let us know the link here once your files are up.

Printing the final(?) verification set now.

Are the files published?

I just realized that Yeggi just aggregates. You can’t actually publish through them.
Not sure what to do now as I don’t have a web page to publish them on.

Can you put them up on thingiverse?


I used your idea and created my own design. A tighter fit on the antenna base, groove for magnetic tape, measuring marks on the side for setting whip length.

I’m wondering what is the purpose of the raised ridge? I removed it just to be able to store tighter.