Stock antenna length/tuning

Hello all, just got my Kraken. We are looking into this for search and rescue in our county. We want to be able to locate devices that are around 206MHz. I don’t see any info on what kind of antennas the stock kraken antennas are. Are they 1/4 wave so 206MHz I need 36cm length? Also where should I measure from for length?

The KRAKEN antennas are adjustable/telescoping. You can adjust for the freq you need/want. That said, the length is not critical for receiving.

The antennas should be 1/4 wavelength tall, and spaced 1/4 wavelength from the center of the circle (the circle is 1/2 wavelength in diameter). The length is important for phasing to be accurate. The Channel 0 antenna needs to be aligned to the center of the heading down the center of the vehicle, if you want the DF bearing to align with the vehicle’s direction of travel. The channel 1 antenna needs to be 72 degrees to the clockwise position of Channel 0 antenna. Channels 2-4 need to be 72 degrees from each other, continuing around clockwise, ending with Channel 4 antenna being 72 degrees from Channel 0 antenna. When you have correctlry oriented the antennas, you should see Channel 0 being at the top of a set of fibe points of a PENTAGON, again, with Channel 0 facting the front of the vehicle so Channel 0 is aligned with the verhicles’s direction of travel.