Static config showing incorrect heading on map


I am using a static config on a vehicle (tracking a source that does not transmit but every 30-90 mins) and set my location and heading in the kraken settings (not in app).

Kraken settings changed from GPS to static and a lat/long/heading are saved.

Seems the lat and long always look right on the map, but the heading (red line) is almost always pointing a good 30-45 degrees off. I confirmed the heading with 3 difference sources to be sure the heading I enter is correct.

Should the map heading line (red line) be correctly pointed while in static mode?

No issue when in GPS mode and moving, it always seems correct then.

The red line should be pointing at the heading you have input. Did you set the heading/bearing mode to ‘Kraken’ ?

Maybe PM or email to [email protected] the heading and lat/lon you are using so I can try and replicate exactly what you are seeing here.

I will replicate it again and contact you if I get the same results for you to analyze. Thanks.

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