Standalone Ubuntu 22.04

Was wondering if there could be a step 1 - completion in what scripts to run. I believe I installed them all but there are sub folders with tunable script and not sure if done in correct order if there is one.

Did you already run the install script? What happens when you start the service?

Yes, ran-

sudo chmod +x

Then it created folder with 2 run script docs. One for start and one for end. I would start and it would run its script then show a coffee image and I would follow steps with power hotspot on android and enter IP:8080 but page web view doesn’t open.

Going to try to download raspberry pi iso on laptop. Will update

The hotspot stuff only works with the Pi4 image, because that is unrelated to the code. The hotspot is just a preset WiFi connection in the Pi4 image.

If you are doing your own install on your own machine, you need to set up the WiFi connection between the kraken computing machine and phone by yourself.