Setting a rotation offset of the static antenna manually

Hello. Which of the next config parameters (settings.json) array_offset, compass_offset, heading (or other) should be used when I want to set an angle between the true north and the direction of my antenna? What is the difference between them and how does setting each of the parameters change the DOA_values.html output?

For example, if I set array_offset to 10, and if my DOA is also 10, will the resulting DOA in the CSV be 20? Or it will be 10, but instead the compass heading field in the output CSV changes from 0 to 10?

If I set compass_offset from 0 to 10, will it result in a DOA change? Always or only if the compass sensor is attached and/or some flag like use_compass is enabled?

Is DOA calculation a result of doa_from_antennae + array_offset + compass_offset?

Thank you

Use array_offset.

The compass offset setting is for the compass display in the web GUI only.

So the final DOA would be raw_doa_from_antennas + array_offset, right?

Yes that would be right