Mag Mount Base Radius

Pardon me if this has already been answered and/or is in the docs someplace, but I was wondering what the diameter of the magnetic base is on each antenna (in the set of 5 mag-mount antennas)?

I do not have mine yet, and it now looks like it may not be until June (grrrr), but I can build a mount for them in the meantime.

My vehicle top is like a turtle (not flat) so I will be making a flat plate that can go on top and that plate will attach to the vehicle with other mounts to keep the antennas completely vertical.

I’m assuming that having each antenna at a slight tilt will make things less accurate.

Thank you!!

The diameter is 43mm, around 43.1mm in reality with the rubber tolerances.

The antennas production will be done by the end of March. It takes a while for them to ship to Mouser and get processed, but they should be on the way to you before June.

Great. Thank you for the information!!! Great work on all of this!