KrakenSDR server setting

Hi, the web interface (IP) is connected, but it is saying that it is restarting and actually doesn’t restart. It shows speed when I am driving, but the spectrum analyser doesn’t show the peak of my MHz. The spectrum tab I see. Please help on the continuously restarting issue. It seems like something is not passing the data from sdr to pi to my phones hotspot (even though ip is connected)

If it’s saying that it’s restarting, then sometimes is wrong with the Kraken → Pi connection, and hence anything else downstream like the Android app isn’t going t work.

Can you post some screenshots of your config screen, and some more information about your setup?

If possible please go through this guide 07. KrakenSDR Troubleshooting · krakenrf/krakensdr_docs Wiki · GitHub

And post the output of your log files.