Decorrelation = On, Toeplitz MUSIC, RF=3, grid map shows lines with different colors with V1.7.0

If I select in Kraken release V1.7.0 function “decorrealation = on” and choose the Toeplitz MUSIC algorithm for 3 RF’s, I see during mobile measuring on the grid map three lobes and a thick red line that changes not or not much/often, a thick blue that changes sometimes and a turkis thin line that runs more or less around in different angles. Can you please explain the function of the three different color lines? Or send a link there I can read more information about it?

The app color coded lines are explained in the wiki 06. Android App Guide · krakenrf/krakensdr_docs Wiki · GitHub

Basically red is the vehicle heading, dark blue points to the grid maximum, and light blue points to the lobe maximum moving average (if averaging is turned on in the app).

The blue lines could become meaningless in the situation where you are looking for three signals on the same frequency though since they only point to one lobe. With multiple lobes of the same strength they will just spin around the lobes.