Android app and KrakenSDR GUI

Faced a problem!
I wanted to run both the android application and the KrakenSDR GUI from the laptop at the same time, but it does not work at the same time!

Tell me this is how it should be? And is there any way to solve this?

I finally got it working. My latest problem has been that the Android app was not getting new location information from the GPS connected to the Pi4. Using the console interface to the Pi4, I issued a few commands to diagnose the GPS. Using cgps -l I saw that the initial lat/lon would never update from the initial position. However, if I used gpsmon it did. The difference is that gpsmon does not normally send any configuration to the GPS. Something in cgps was changing the output format of the GPS. I used gpsctl -n to force the GPS into the NEMA mode. I finally get GPS lat/lon updates using either cgps or gpsmon. I then connected to the Kraken GUI using Edge on a laptop. It showed the lat/lon updating as well. I then started Bluestacks 5 and the KrakenSDR app on the same laptop. All is well everybody is playing together.
I still need to find out where the initialization of the GPS interface is performed. It needs to send the commands to set the GPS to NEMA mode during startup.

The Kraken app is Android only. If you want to run both you’ll need to use an emulator like Bluestacks, but beware it may come with issues that you’ll need to troubleshoot on your own.

Also if you are doing this make sure that your laptop is indeed fast enough to run both. If there is too my CPU contention it can cause the the PC to drop samples from Kraken, and then coherency is lost.